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Faculty and Staff 

(listed alphabetically by last name)

Mrs. Kimberly Adam:  Guidance Director & College and Career Preparation

Mrs. Kara Akey:  World History, U.S. History II, American Government 

Mrs. Kelly Andreoni:  English 9, English 11, English 12

Mr. Andrew Bedard:  History of Popular Music, Chorus, Piano, Guitar, Music Appreciation, and Jazz, Blues, and Rhythm & Blues

Mrs. Robin Bent:  Spanish III, Spanish IV Honors 

Mrs. Mary Cipriano:  Religion 10, Religion 12

Mrs. Lena Craig:  Spanish I, Spanish II

Mr. Bruce Daigle:  Religion 9 

Mrs. Dale DeCelles:  Biology II, Anatomy & Physiology I, Astronomy, Global Sustainability

Mr. Stephen Esau:  Study Skills, Geometry, Pre-Calculus -

Mrs. Patricia Hart:  Introduction to Art, 3D Exploration, Drawing I, Drawing II, Pottery, Black & White Photography, Drama

Mrs. Lixiu Lin:  School Nurse

Mrs. Jenifer LoVetere:  Academic Support

Mr. Mark Luzzi:  Director of Information Technology; Introduction to Technology, Desktop Publishing, Multimedia Design, Computer Programming, Web Design with JAVA Script, Yearbook I, Yearbook II

Ms. Sarah Mulholland:  Campus Ministry

Mr. Christopher Myron:  Principal

Mrs. Ashley Proulx - Admissions Director; US History I, U.S. History II Honors, Psychology, Holocaust Studies, Psychology 

Mrs. Megan Ramirez:  Biology I, Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry & Statistics  

Mrs. Ellen Rogers:  Algebra II

Deacon Stephen Raymond:  Director of Operations, Financial Aid, Transportation, Breakfast/Lunch Program

Fr. James Ruggeri:  Pastor

Veronica Seda:  Donor Relations Officer

Ms. Deb Stamatakos:  Administrative Assistant

Ms. Brett Summers:  English 10, English 11 Honors, English 12 Honors

Robin Tagliaferri:  Development Director

Mr. Charles Toste:  Dean of Student Life, Athletic Director, Physical Education, Health