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Academic Support

Guidance Office

In a setting that is individualized and personal, our Guidance Office assists students to learn about themselves, their interpersonal relationships, and the behaviors that advance their personal development. Students and parents are also prepared to identify student interests and career goals and to successfully identify, apply to, and enter the college of their choice.

The underlying principle of our Guidance Office is the belief that each student is a child of God who is loved and loving, who possesses a unique dignity, and who has a positive contribution to make toward the building of God's kingdom. Through individual and group work, the Guidance Office works with students to help them accept and live out this empowering truth. Because every experience affects the individual's understanding of who he or she is, we assist students by addressing academic, disciplinary, personal, social, and family concerns and goals through the use of appropriate resources and in appropriate settings.

The Guidance Office works with the Teacher-Counselors (TCs) to provide support and advocacy for each student in the school.

The Guidance Office provides or facilitates a variety of services to students and parents that are currently in practice or in development:

  • Personal and academic counseling for all students
  • Individual achievement and abilities testing for all students (by request)
  • Career speakers program for freshmen and sophomores
  • PSAT testing for sophomores, PSAT and ASVAB testing for juniors
  • College visits and college speakers
  • Guidance and preparation for college selection/placement for all juniors and seniors
  • College selection and financial aid programs for parents
  • Title I Academic Support Program

      St. Patrick Academy, through the federal Title I Program, provides an Academic Support program to assist students who have a demonstrated need for support in math and language arts, study skills, and organizational skills. These students spend time with a qualified special education teacher during their study periods to work on content knowledge and skills, time management, test-taking skills, note-taking skills, and organizational skills.


      The Guidance Office also arranges tutorial services for those students with a demonstrated academic need. Adults, college student volunteers from Providence College, and upper-class students at St. Patrick Academy work with students after school or during study periods to assist students in specific content areas in collaboration with the content teacher.