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The NACEPF Challenge

NACEPF Challenge

Help us reach our goal! Give to the 2020 NACEPF Challenge!

The NACEPF Challenge, the Academy’s most signature annual fundraising campaign, is a 2:1 matching gift program sponsored by John and Barbara Primeau, founders of the North American Catholic Educational Programming Foundation, a lay entity. For every dollar contributed to St. Pat’s through December 31st, NACEPF will give an additional $2, up to $250,000!

This year more than ever, the need is significant. Amidst the backdrop of the Covid crisis, our students are doing their best, attending class through a hybrid model of virtual learning from home and on-site instruction in the classroom. They are resilient, overcoming obstacles, achieving, thriving and courageously approaching new experiences with optimism.

Additionally, in academic year 2020/21, we find our in-coming Freshman class to be among the most economically challenged we’ve seen.


In the spirit of trust, love and service, I ask for your support once again. Help us move forward in our mission to prepare our young people for college. Support a student who may be the first in her/his family to attend a post-secondary institution - their lives will be forever changed for the better.


Please send your gift today and take advantage of the 2:1 NACEPF Challenge!


If you have contributed to the NACEPF Challenge in the past, I thank you. Please give generously again this year. If you are new to the Challenge, we invite you to become a partner with SPA and NACEPF as we continue to serve high school students from Rhode Island’s urban core.


May God bless you,


Even if you spend one day at St. Pat’s you can tell how close-knit we are. I have the support I need from my teachers and mentors to succeed and excel in my studies. My classmates and I connect in all different ways - clubs and sports keep us close. There is no other place that could prepare me for this “new normal.” Even with everything going on, we remain strong, we remain one and more importantly, we remain Padres!

Chasterin ‘22


Thank you so much for your help this year. I really appreciate it. You guys are always in my prayers. You are the best! In two weeks, I am going back to school doing hybrid mode. Hybrid mode is when I do three days online one and two days at school. Then, the next week I do the reverse - three days at school and two days online. I am a little nervous to go, but I can do it. My goal is to achieve in 10th grade like I did when I was in 9th grade. Freshmen year was hard, but happily I did it. I can’t wait to finish high school and go to college. The colleges I plan to apply to are Providence College, Brown University and Rhode Island College. I want to become a pediatrician to help kids. I love kids a lot! Stay safe and healthy!

Alyssa ’23