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Admissions Overview


      In order to maintain a strong educational environment, an admissions process has been established. This process includes an Admissions Committee that reviews student and parent information to assess a student’s ability to perform in a college preparatory program and the family’s financial situation in accordance with the Academy’s mission. The Admissions Committee consists of the Pastor, the Principal, the Campus Minister, the Director of Guidance, the Dean of Student Life and at least one academic teacher.

      For students seeking admission to St. Patrick Academy, the committee relies on four sources of information:
      • school transcripts that reflect current and past performance in school;

      • a teacher recommendation;

      • an interview of the student conducted by a member of the Admissions Committee;

      • submission of a FACTS Application that confirms the financial need.

      Junior year openings are unusual and are generally reserved for students moving into the area and coming from similar schools. We do not accept applications for senior year except in rare circumstances. 

      We give preference to siblings of present students, provided the student shows adequate preparation and readiness to meet the school’s academic goals. We do this because we believe that a family that has demonstrated loyalty and commitment deserves a positive response from us. Also, the Admissions Committee gives weighted consideration to the children of alumni and faculty, and to students who have been enrolled in Catholic elementary and secondary schools, but only if that student’s transcript reflects the ability and willingness to perform to our expectations.

      The admissions process begins in early November with an Open House at which parents can tour the school, interview administrators, faculty, and students, and obtain informational and application materials. The processing of applications and interviews begins after the first semester of the academic year. No student can be accepted until the FACTS application has been completed and confirmed. The entrance exam required by other RI Catholic high schools is not required by St. Patrick Academy.  Applications are accepted throughout the remainder of the school year for the following school year, though admissions during the current school year are considered.