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St. Patrick Academy

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Thirteen Ways of Looking at St. Patrick Academy

Thirteen Ways of Looking at St. Patrick Academy


(by Mrs. Summers' English 11 class, after Wallace Stevens)



When you walk into school

Very early and you can see

Across the hallways,

It is very dark and dull

Because it is vacant and

There is no one there yet.



St Patrick's is a place

That is nothing but quiet

In the early morning,

But loud and full of laughter

In the afternoon.



St Patrick's becomes

A warm and loving place

When you hear one of

Mr. Raymond's jokes

At breakfast.



You walk in homeroom

Hearing your classmates

Laugh and talk,


Sudden silence.


While going through the hallways

Lockers are being closed,

People are talking over each other.

If you do not focus,

You get lost in the sound



St. Patrick's is a place where

Hard work happens

Behind the scenes,

And you walk into

A clean, shiny room.



Quiet, no sounds in the halls

Bell rings...

A rush of feet and voices appear.

Then, instantly, the voices fade into the classrooms.



St Patrick's is the stampede

You hear

When it is lunch time.



St Patrick's is the laughter

From the junior class.


When you enter here,

You feel you can be yourself,

Without being discriminated against.

This building makes you

Feel important.



Tapping feet,

Laughing faces,

Teachers yelling,

Students smiling:

St Pat's.



St Patrick's is the sound

Of lockers slamming shut

When school ends.



Here feels like home.