St. Patrick Academy

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Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Faculty and Staff are listed alphabetically: 
Mrs. Kimberly Adam
Guidance Counselor
College & Career Preparation
Mrs. Kara Akey
World History, U.S. History II, American Government
Mrs. Kelly Andreoni
English, Grades 10, 11, and 12

Mrs. Robin Bent
Spanish III and Spanish IV Honors

Ms. Emily Cuellar
Director, Campus Ministry;
Mr. Bruce Daigle
Mr. Stephen Esau
Geometry, Pre-Calculus 

Mrs. Patricia Hart
Art; Drama
Mrs. Julia Lewis
Religion, Grade 10 & 11
Mrs. Lixiu Lin
School Nurse
Mrs. Jenifer LoVetere
Academic Support and Study Skills
Mr. Mark Luzzi
Director of Information Technology; Technology Instructor
Mrs. Amina Mazhar
Director of Library and Volunteer Services

Mrs. Anne McGinn
Biology, Anatomy, Environmental Science

Mrs. Adrienne Noelte
Spanish I and Spanish II

Mrs. Ashley Proulx
U.S. History II Honors, Consumer Finance, Psychology
Mr. William Sand
Deacon Stephen Raymond
Director of Operations
Mrs. Ellen Rogers-Amoroso
Algebra I, Algebra II, and Trigonometry & Statistics 
Fr. James Ruggieri
Pastor; Religion, Grade 12
Mr. David Skelly
Music Appreciation; Ukelele
Mrs. Barbara Souza
Ms. Deborah Stamatakos
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Brett Summers
English 9, English 11 Honors, English 12 Honors
Mr. Charles Toste
Dean of Students
Physical Education and Health
Athletics Director