St. Patrick Academy

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Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Faculty and Staff are listed alphabetically: 
Ms. Marlyn Batista
Religion, Grade 10
Mrs. Rebeca Farrales
English, Grades 10, 11, and 12

Mrs. Robin Bent
Spanish III and Spanish IV Honors

Mrs. Mary Cipriano
Director, Campus Ministry;
Religion, Grades 9 and 11; Psychology
Mrs. Shanti Genga
Mr. Bruce Daigle
Mr. William Dapont 
School Nurse
Mrs. Kelly DeBlois
Guidance Counselor
College & Career Preparation
Mr. Stephen Esau
Geometry, Pre-Calculus

Mrs. Patricia Hart
Art; Drama
Mrs. Amina Mazhar
Director of Library and Volunteer Services

Mrs. Janice Johnston  
Development Associate
Mrs. Jenifer LoVetere
Academic Support and Study Skills
Mr. Mark Luzzi
Director of Information Technology; Technology Instructor

Mrs. Anne McGinn
Biology, Anatomy, Environmental Science

Mrs. Adrienne Noelte
Spanish I and Spanish II

Mrs. Ashley Proulx
U.S. History II Honors and Consumer Finance
Nola Palombo
Deacon Stephen Raymond
Director of Operations
Mrs. Ellen Rogers-Amoroso
Algebra I, Algebra II, and Trigonometry & Statistics 
Fr. James Ruggieri
Pastor; Religion, Grade 12
Mrs. Kara Akey
World History, U.S. History II, American Government
Ms. Deborah Stamatakos
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Brett Summers
English; Grade 9 and 11 Honors
Mr. Charles Toste
Dean of Students
Physical Education and Health
Athletics Director
David Skelly
Music Appreciation; Piano