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Who do I contact when...

  • My child will be late to/absent from school:  Ms. Veronica Seda
  • I have questions about textbooks, bussing, or the hot breakfast/lunch program:  Deacon Steven Raymond
  • I have questions about uniforms:  Mrs. Ashley Proulx
  • I have questions about grades:  Course-specific teacher 
  • I have questions about financial aid:  Deacon Steven Raymond
  • I have questions about graduation or college:  Mrs. Kim Adam
  • I have questions about athletics:  Mrs. Kara Akey
  • I have questions about applying to St. Patrick Academy or the Admissions process:  Mrs. Ashley Proulx

Contact Us: Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Title Group
Adam, Kimberly Guidance Director
Akey, Kara Athletic Director
Alves Amoroso, Krystal Social Worker & School Counselor
Andreoni, Kelly English Teacher
Bent, Robin World Language Teacher
Cipriano, Mary Religion Teacher
Cote, Mike
Esau, Stephen Math Teacher
LoVetere, Jenifer Academic Support Teacher
Luzzi, Mark IT Director
Morvillo, Quinn Social Studies & Physical Education Teacher
Mulholland, Sarah Campus Minister
Myron, Christopher Principal
Page Perez, Rebecca
Proulx, Ashley Dean of Student Life
Raymond, Stephen Director of Operations
Rogers, Ellen Math Teacher
Ruggieri, James Pastor
Scribner, Kristin Math Teacher
Seda, Veronica Head Administration Assistant
Stamatakos, Deborah Administrative Assistant
Stimson, Christine Religion Teacher
Summers, Brett English Teacher
Tagliaferri, Robin Development Director
Thomas, Amy Nurse
Vizzacco, Eileen
Wilson, Keith

Faculty and Staff 

(listed alphabetically by last name)

Mrs. Kimberly Adam:  Guidance Director

Mrs. Kara Akey:  Athletic Director & Social Studies Teacher: World History, U.S. History II Honors, American Government 

Mrs. Kelly Andreoni:  English 9, English 10 Honors, English II, English 12

Mrs. Robin Bent:  Spanish III, Spanish IV Honors 

Mrs. Mary Cipriano:  Religion 10, Religion 12

Mr. Mike Cote:  Essays on Social Justice

Mr. Stephen Esau:  Geometry, Pre-Calculus 

Mr. Mark Luzzi:  Director of Information Technology; Introduction to Technology, Desktop Publishing, Multimedia Design, Computer Programming, Web Design with JAVA Script 

Ms. Sarah Mulholland:  Campus Ministry & Fine Arts

Mr. Christopher Myron:  Principal

Ms. Rebecca Page Perez:  Development Associate

Mrs. Ashley Proulx - Dean of Student Life & Social Studies Teacher:  AP Psychology  

Mrs. Ellen Rogers:  Algebra I, Algebra II

Deacon Stephen Raymond:  Director of Operations, Financial Aid, Transportation, Breakfast/Lunch Program

Fr. James Ruggieri:  Pastor

Ms. Veronica Seda:  Administrative Assistant

Ms. Deb Stamatakos:  Administrative Assistant

Ms. Brett Summers:  English 10, English 11 Honors, English 12 Honors

Robin Tagliaferri:  Development Director