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Welcome and thank you for your interest in our school!  St. Patrick Academy welcomes applications for all grades 9-12.  Most students enter the Academy in 9th grade, but we also welcome applications for transfer students in to the upper grades.

We work diligently to maintain a strong educational environment, and this begins with our admissions process with our Open House. At Open House, parents and students receive further informational materials, tour the school, meet and interview administrators and faculty, and talk with current students.

When should I begin?

The admissions process begins in the fall of 8th grade.

How should I begin?

Look over all the material here on our website.  Come to one of our Open Houses and schedule a tour and/or a shadow day.  Interested students are encouraged to shadow a current student for a day to get a better understanding of what St. Patrick Academy is all about.  Reach out to our Admissions Department to schedule a tour and/or shadow day!

When should I apply?

The application process is ongoing and interested families can apply at any time. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. That begins with submitting a fully complete application, including an application for financial aid.

Does it cost anything to apply to St. Patrick Academy?

No.  Unlike other RI Catholic high schools, St. Patrick Academy does not require an entrance fee. 

Is there an Entrance Exam?

Yes.  After you complete your online application, you will need to register online (no walk-ins or late arrivals will be accepted).  

How much is the Entrance Exam?

FREE!  There is no cost to take the entrance exam.


Our Admissions Committee is comprised of the Pastor, Principal, Admissions Director, and Director of Guidance. Together, the Committee reviews each student’s application materials to assess his/her ability to perform well in our rigorous college-preparatory program and the family’s need (financial or otherwise) in accordance with the Academy’s Mission.

The Committee relies on the following information via application:

· Submission of a completed application, including application for financial aid;

· School transcripts or report cards that reflect current and past performance;

· A recommendation from a current teacher, counselor, or administrator

· An interview with the student conducted by the Admissions Director (as needed);

Preference is given to applicants who are siblings of current students, provided the student shows adequate preparation and readiness to meet the school’s academic goals. We do so because we believe that a family that has demonstrated a strong commitment and loyalty to the Academy deserves a positive response from us.

In addition, weighted consideration is given to the children of alumni and faculty, as well as students who have been enrolled in Catholic elementary and secondary schools. Again, this is only if the student’s application and information reflect the willingness and ability to perform to Academy expectations.

For more information please contact Ashley Proulx, Admissions Director, at or 401.421.9300, x. 19..