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Spiritual Life

The Campus Ministry nurtures the spiritual life of St. Patrick Academy community for students in partnership with their families and for faculty, staff, and alumni. Campus Ministry primarily sponsors events and activities that foster spiritual growth and development, particularly through the retreat program for students and faculty, daily prayer, Friday Mass, and other religious services held during the school day.

Campus Ministry at St. Patrick Academy is based on the belief that each person has unique, God-given talents to use in building a school faith community that is firmly rooted in Catholic spirituality and tradition. The Campus Ministry program is under the direction of the Campus Minister. Our aim is to complement the family in its primary role in religious education, to support the parish as a center of Catholic life, and to extend the religious lessons of the classroom to lived faith experiences. In our Campus Ministry Program, we recognize the many gifts of the Spirit within our students and staff and call forth those gifts for service and ministry to the school community, the local community, and to the Church.

The objectives of the Campus Ministry are:

To familiarize all students with the Gospel message of peace, justice, and love through knowledge and participation in prayer and worship experiences; to strive to become a community of faith where teachers, students, and staff share in accepting and respecting one another in a true Christian community; to challenge our students to face the crucial issues of our day, thus awakening the desire to place their gifts at the service of others within the school community and the larger human family.

Class retreats are an important component of spiritual enrichment. The themes of each retreat are as follows:

Freshman Retreat: "Community Building"

Sophomore Retreat: "Living the Eucharist"

Junior Retreat: "Faith In Action"

Senior Retreat: "The Journey Forward"

The Pastor, Campus Minister, Principal, and religion teachers work collaboratively to achieve these goals.

The Pastor presides over the sacramental life of St. Patrick Academy and is available to students seeking spiritual counseling. The Campus Minister works with the Pastor to plan Mass, prayer services, confession, and other liturgical services in accordance with the Church calendar.