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The Guidance Department strives to foster the development of the entire student as a person - mentally, spiritually, academically, and socially.  Through academic advice, career education, and college placement, the guidance staff supports students in their academic life and in their roles as good citizens.


Academic Counseling

The Guidance Department also provides academic counseling regularly. The Guidance Director meets on an individual basis with all students to discuss individual academics and academic success. Communication is ongoing with parents and teachers to work as a team for optimal success for each student. Communication with students, parents and teachers regarding academic issues, concerns and progress is ongoing. Team meetings are scheduled as needed. 

Information about standardized test prep, college and college scholarships are offered regularly.  All students in grades 9-11 take the PSAT in preparation for other standardized testing as colleges may require.

We are committed to supporting our students in every way possible. Families work with the Director of Admissions (upon application to the school) and Guidance Director to assess any needed academic support for student success. The Guidance Director also works as a liaison between the student/family and the teachers to assist in ways to support students in the classroom. Academic needs are reviewed in tandem so that modifications and/or accommodations can be provided. Examples of these supports include tutoring, preferential seating, chunking of materials, etc. are all offered as available and as needed.


Title I Academic Support Program

Through the federal Title I Program, provides an Academic Support program to assist students who have a demonstrated need for support in math and language arts, study skills, and organizational skills. These students spend time with a highly qualified special education teacher during their study periods to work on content knowledge and skills, time management, test-taking skills, note-taking skills, and organizational skills.

Teacher-Counselor Program

The Teacher-Counselor (TC) Program is designed as a tangible support system for students.  Every faculty and staff member is assigned a small group of 3-5 students and serves as the primary advocate for academic, social, or family concerns.  The Guidance Department works with TCs to provide further support and advocacy for every student in the school.


Peer Mentoring program

Transitioning to high school from middle school or transferring from another high school and getting settled at St. Patrick Academy is an important event.  Therefore, we have created a Peer Mentoring Program.  Rising juniors and seniors apply to be Peer Mentors and are assigned 1-2 incoming freshmen or transfer students.  Their role is to help new students acclimate to the climate of St. Patrick Academy.  Mentors check in regularly with their "mentees" and often have lunch together as well.  We have found that by doing so, newer students feel much more comfortable around their new peers in a shorter amount of time.


Faculty Tutoring

All faculty members are available to assist students who may need extra help.  Teachers will share their tutoring policy with students at the beginning of the school year. Students who want to seek extra help should be proactive and discuss this need with their teacher and set up times that are mutually agreeable.


Providence College Tutoring Services

Students with demonstrated academic need can receive tutorial services.  College student volunteers from Providence College provide tutorial services weekly after school.  Upperclassmen also work with students after school or during study periods to assist in content-specific areas.  Students, parents, or teachers can request tutors.  The classroom teacher will complete a form and submit it to the Guidance Department so the proper services can be provided.


Psychological & Emotional Support

In addition, the Guidance Office assists students and their families in finding resources for emotional and psychological support.  A good rapport and working relationship between counselor and student is crucial for student success.  Students are called for meetings, and they can also meet with their counselor as needed.  The door is always open.

While the Guidance Director does not provide personal counseling, she will assist students and families who have concerns.  Recommendations can be made to find an outside counselor as needed and can provide any feedback or assistance as necessary.


College counseling

College counseling for students begins freshman year with seminars and workshops; sophomores are encouraged to seek summer opportunities to enhance resumes; and individual meetings and group workshops assist juniors in researching schools that might be a “good fit.” 

At home, students and parents are encouraged to check out websites of colleges and universities that are of interest. Juniors are also encouraged to visit local colleges starting during the April school break. In late spring, juniors are also encouraged to prepare an academic resume and identify teachers as recommenders for college applications.

During senior year, we work closely with students to help with the entire college application process, from college visits to letters of recommendation to actual admissions applications. Resources are brought in for both parents and students to assist with choosing schools and completing the FAFSA and other financial aid tools. St. Patrick Academy specific scholarship applications are made available to all students beginning in December.

For more detailed information, please see the College Info for Seniors link at right.


Career Planning

Another function of our office is to provide career advice. This begins in freshman year and continues throughout the four years of high school. Counselors use career inventories and other career-related materials to engage students and find career-related interests. 

College Representative Invite

Thank you to all admissions representatives for reaching out to our students for sharing your college/university information. We have provided you with a link below to make an appointment to visit students during lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays through November. 

Here is the link:

Private Scholarship Search Sites

Fast Web:

Scholarship America:

College Board BigFuture:


RISLA (RI Student Loan Authority- includes Scholarship search Guidance):